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A specialist supplier to the UK medical sector, Cairn Technology has spent decades helping hospitals to maintain healthy environments for staff and patients.

COSHH Air Monitoring & Training

Our COSHH workplace monitoring services are considered the ‘gold standard’ across the industry whilst our chemical spill kits and training courses protect from hazardous substances and reduce operational downtime.

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Medical Products & Supplies

Our range of medical products are centred around health, safety and operational excellence in the theatre environment along with the wider hospital and care environment .

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Specialist Supplier

With a 20-year history of developing cutting-edge products and services for hospitals, we have provided specialist air quality and workplace monitoring solutions as well as training, equipment and medical supplies tailored to the needs of operating theatres, anaesthetic rooms and more.

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How we can help you?

Cairn Technology proudly supports

We are proud to support the amazing Children’s Heart Surgery Fund (CHSF), which provides life-saving medical equipment for the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit, as well as parent accommodation for families and vital ward resources.

We will be funding vital equipment for the charity, including making contributions throughout the year to Bella’s INR home testing kit.

Not only is this charity close to the heart of a staff member whose own daughter was treated at the Heart Unit, it would also have had the passionate support of our late HR Manager, Francine Binns, who sadly passed away last year.