Private Clinics

Private Clinics

Private Clinic Medical Supplies, Equipment, and Air Monitoring

For decades, dozens of private healthcare clinics have depended on Cairn Technology to deliver high quality medical supplies and equipment, along with certain specialist services. Our products and solutions will help you provide your patients with the high-quality care standards they expect from private clinics, while also helping you to keep your staff do their jobs safely and more efficiently.

Cleaner and Healthier Air For Private Clinics

Private healthcare patients expect high standards of care from their private clinics. Commit to air purification and you can make your private healthcare environment feel subtly – yet significantly – fresher, cleaner, and healthier.

Our Blueair air purifiers can achieve complete air filtration in a large room in just 12.5 minutes. Powerful SpiralAir™ outlets effectively deliver crisp, pure air to every corner of the room. But because the air purifier units are so quiet and compact, you can greatly improve the air quality without disturbing your patients with excessive noise levels.

Air purification solutions bring substantial health benefits too. Our Blueair air purifiers use hospital-grade HEPASilent technology to capture and kill over 99% of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens and pollutants. They can help you control the spread of airborne infections, while almost entirely removing pollutants such as dust, mould, pet dander, and even road traffic fumes.

Private Clinic Air Monitoring Services

A recent study found that as many as 1 in 3 UK GP surgeries might be located in an area where pollution levels are so high, they’re “toxic”. This report found that both private and state-funded clinics face significant air pollution risks.

We offer specialist private clinic air monitoring services to help you understand your staff and patients’ exposure to harmful substances. And following our testing, we can advise you on an action plan you can follow to minimise your air pollution risks.

Our air monitoring services are highly unobtrusive. We’ll give you a complete picture of the air quality in your private clinic without impinging on patient privacy, and without interfering with your staff’s work.

Private Clinic Medical Supplies

Healthcare acquired infections are just as much of a risk for private clinics as they are for other healthcare environments. Effective cleaning policies and procedures are an essential pillar of your private clinic’s infection prevention and control strategy.

Our range of cleaning and containment products, can help you achieve the high standards of cleanliness that your private patients expect to see. And because many of our products are designed to be highly effective all-in-one single-step-solutions, they can even help boost your operational efficiency.

Our range of private clinic medical supplies includes:

  • Virusolve+ Wipes – A cost-effective cleaner, sanitiser, and disinfectant. These hospital-grade wet wipes deliver a one-step solution for killing many of the most common bacteria and viruses found in private care clinics. Once applied, they create a residual barrier that can fight infection for up to 7 days, with no need to do any prior surface cleaning. You can use them on almost any surface in your private clinic, even the carpets, upholstery, and soft furnishings.
  • Virusolve+ Concentrate – An all-in-one cleaner, sanitiser and disinfectant that provides hospital-grade cleanliness for private healthcare clinics. It’s been independently proven to destroy viruses, bacteria, spores, and fungi.
  • Virusolve+ RTU – A ready-to-use (RTU) cleaner, sanitiser and disinfectant in a convenient trigger spray, to cut down on cleaning time.
  • Virusolve+ Trigger Spray – A single step antimicrobial cleaner that can eliminate everyday bacteria within 1 minute of contact. It’s also been shown to kill superbugs within just five minutes of application.
  • Virusolve+ FWC – A specialist Virusolve+ concentrate specifically designed to clean, sanitise, and disinfect floors, walls and ceilings (FWC).
  • Virusan Antimicrobial Hand Cleaning Products – Good hand hygiene is another essential pillar of your infection prevention and control strategy. Virusan Antimicrobial is a hand sanitiser you can depend on, capable of annihilating 99.999% of the most common pathogens in less than a minute. As well as a sanitiser, Virusan is available as a scrub and a gel.

Find Out How Cairn Technology Can Help You Deliver a Truly Premium Service in Your Private Clinic

Are you looking to procure high quality cleaning supplies for your private clinic? Or do you want to discuss an air purification strategy or consultation? Talk to an expert and get a free quote today.

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