Private Hospitals

Private Hospitals

Private Hospital Medical Supplies, Equipment & Air Monitoring

For over 20 years, dozens of private hospitals and healthcare settings have relied on Cairn Technology as their trusted, chosen supplier of high quality medical supplies, equipment, and specialist services. We can help you deliver exceptional quality of care standards through creating safe, efficient, and healthy environments for both patients and staff.

Fresher, Cleaner Air for Private Hospitals

We are specialist suppliers of the Blueair range of hospital-grade air purifiers. They’re quiet, unobtrusive, and highly effective, capable of completely changing the air in a large room once every 12.5 minutes.

Patients expect nothing but quality from their private healthcare. And with our air purifiers, you can ensure that the very air they breathe in your hospital or healthcare setting is fresher and cleaner. What’s more, because they’re so quiet and compact, few will notice where all the beautifully clean air is coming from.

And of course, there are health benefits to air purification in private hospitals. With their advanced HEPASilent technology, Blueair air purifiers can capture and kill over 99% of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful particles down to 0.1 microns. So as well as delivering clean and healthy air to every corner of the room, our HealthProtect air purifiers can also play a crucial role in your infection prevention and control strategy.

Private Hospital Air Monitoring Services

As well as supplying the top-of-the-line Blue Air HealthProtect range of air purifiers, we also offer specialist private hospital air monitoring services. We can help you ensure you meet your Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) requirements wherever your staff might be exposed to hazardous substances in their work.

From waiting rooms to private wards, to sterile environments like operating theatres, we can test both staff and patient exposure levels to a range of hazardous substances, including Entonox, Sevoflurane, Isoflurane, VOCs, and even traffic pollution.

We use a combination of continuous monitoring and personal sampling techniques to demonstrate how the air quality varies from department to department, and from day to day. And crucially, our techniques are subtle and unobtrusive. We can deliver detailed reports, full of actionable objectives and recommendations, without compromising on patient privacy.

Chosen Suppliers to Private Hospitals and Healthcare Settings

Private healthcare patients expect the best, and with our products and solutions, we can help you deliver the gold standard:

  • Surgical Instruments – We have one of the most comprehensive surgical instrument offerings on the UK market. Precision engineered in Sweden by Stille, a manufacturer with a 175-year history, we supply top quality instruments for use in all surgical disciplines.
  • Fluid Management – World-class quality of care starts with the right consumables. Our T-Mat is the most absorbent floor mat on the market for operating theatres, absorbing up to 8.5 litres of water or 3.5 litres of saline. And our DryMax absorbent mats reduce the risk of slips and trips, helping your staff stay clean, dry and comfortable. Our range of mats can significantly boost your operational efficiency through reducing the turnaround time between procedures.
  • Infection Control Products – We stock the Virusolve+ range of advanced sporicidal cleaning and disinfectant products. As well as offering a one-step solution to infection control, it’s also odourless and colourless. So you can keep staff and patients safe from infection without subjecting anyone to that overpowering smell of disinfectant.

Find Out Why Hundreds of Private Hospitals and Healthcare Settings Choose Cairn Technology

At Cairn Technology, we’ve spent decades proudly helping private hospitals work towards delivering the highest possible quality of care standards.

Whether you want to discuss an air purification strategy or consultation, or you’re interested in procuring top of the line medical and healthcare supplies, talk to an expert and get a free quote today.

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