GP Surgeries

GP Surgeries

GP Medical Supplies & Air Monitoring

At Cairn Technology, we’ve been approved suppliers to private and NHS healthcare providers for over 20 years. With our top-of-the-line products and our specialist consultation services, we can help you deliver safe, efficient, and healthy care environments in your GP clinic for both patients and staff.

Beyond our range of high-quality GP medical supplies, we can also contribute to your GP clinic’s infection prevention and control strategies through expert air quality consultations.

Risks GP Surgeries Face

  • A recent Asthma + Lung UK report found that more than 2,000 UK GP practices are located in areas with dangerously high levels of air pollution.
  • Every year, the UK is hit by waves of influenza A, influenza B, rhinovirus, and Covid-19. Patients suffering from symptoms of these viruses may visit their GP, so GP waiting rooms may contribute to the spread of infection.
  • Many who visit GP surgeries may belong to certain high-risk groups, including elderly patients and patients with pre-existing health conditions. So if they contract an infection from a GP clinic, they’re more likely to experience severe symptoms.
  • Many GP surgeries have small waiting rooms, treatment rooms and meeting rooms. If these are unventilated, they pose a risk of transferring infections for both patients and medical staff.

We Can Help You Reach IPC Guidance Policies for GP Surgeries

In July 2021, the NHS Infection Prevention and Control team (IPC) released new guidance for GP surgeries. Their recommendations included detailed guidelines for cleaning the various areas, fixtures, and fittings of GP surgeries, along with site specific infection prevention and control policies.

With our high-quality supplies, services, and solutions, we can help your GP surgery meet the new IPC guidelines.

GP Medical Supplies for Effective Infection Control

Effective cleaning policies and procedures are a vital part of good infection prevention and control in GP surgeries. With our advance range of cleaning and containment products, we can help you deliver the highest standards of cleanliness throughout your GP clinic.

Our range includes:

  • Virusolve+ Wipes –These healthcare-grade wet wipes are a cost-effective cleaner, sanitiser, and disinfectant, providing a one-step solution for killing many of the most common bacteria and viruses found in GP surgeries. They create a residual barrier that can fight infection for up to 7 days, with no need to do any prior surface cleaning. You can use them on almost any surface in your GP surgery, including carpets, upholstery, and soft furnishings.
  • Virusolve+ Trigger SprayA single step antimicrobial cleaner that can eliminate everyday bacteria within 1 minute of contact, while also killing superbugs in as little as 5 minutes.

Virusan Antimicrobial Hand SanitiserThe new IPC guidelines for GP surgeries advises good hand hygiene techniques for all members of staff. Virusan Antimicrobial is a hand sanitiser you can depend on, capable of annihilating 99.

GP Surgery Air Purification

A single Blueair air purifier in your waiting room can quickly, quietly, and effectively capture and kill 99% of viruses and bacteria in the air, along with 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 microns. They can completely cycle the air in a room in as little as 12.5 minutes, reducing the risks posed by airborne infections and harmful pollutants like traffic pollution, dust, and VOCs.

Learn more about our range of HealthProtect air purifiers.

GP Air Monitoring Services

Is your GP clinic located in an area with dangerously high air pollution? A recent report found that as many of 1 in 3 GP surgeries might be dealing with “toxic air” right on their doorstep.

With our GP clinic air monitoring service, we can help you understand your staff and residents’ exposure to harmful substances, from traffic pollution to VOCs. Following our testing, we will advise you on a strategic action plan to minimise the risks.

Our techniques are effective yet unobtrusive – we will not impinge on patient privacy or your quality of care. And using a combination of continuous monitoring and personal sampling techniques, we’ll show you how the air quality varies over time and in different areas of your GP surgery, from the waiting room to the consultation rooms.

Find Out How Cairn Technology Can Help You Manage Infections in Your GP Surgery

Whether you want to discuss an air purification strategy or consultation, or you’re interested in procuring high quality cleaning supplies for your GP surgery, talk to an expert and get a free quote today.

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