Our Story

Our Story

Cairn Technology was established in 1999 by two chemistry PhD graduates from Sheffield University as an environmental consultancy specialising in the continuous monitoring of emissions to atmosphere.

Soon after, we realised that the technique used for emissions monitoring was ideal for use within the workplace, so we decided to work with the local NHS Trust to develop a solution for hospitals.

  • 1999

    Workplace Exposure Monitoring

    We were able to develop a number of workplace monitoring solutions specially tailored to hospital theatres, anaesthetic rooms, endoscope cleaning rooms and other relevant areas. These services help hospitals ensure they comply with important inspection and maintenance requirements under COSHH, (HTM) 03-01 and other standards.

    Explore our Workplace Exposure Monitoring Services.

  • 2000

    Chemical Spill Kits and Training

    After successfully developing our workplace monitoring services, we were asked to develop a chemical spill kit for specific use in hospitals. Since then, our Chemical Spill Station has been adopted by hospitals across the UK, along with other kits that we developed for cytotoxic, biohazard and laboratory spills.

    Alongside these specialist kits, Cairn offers hospital-specific Chemical Awareness and Spill Management training courses which are delivered in the workplace by Cairn’s team of consultants.

    Find out more about our chemical spill kits and spill kit training.

  • 2003

    Absorbent Mats

    As fluid management is clearly another big health and safety issue in hospital, Cairn developed the market leading T-Mat, a non-drip polymer-filled floor mat for operating theatres that is able to lock in up to 8 litres of water or 3.5 litres of saline.

    We also supply other mat types, including a sterile mat which can be placed directly underneath the patient, and larger anti-slip mats for greater coverage.

    Explore our range of absorbent mats.

  • 2008

    Infection control products

    With the spread of infection in hospitals becoming of increasing concern, we decided to add Virusolve+ sporicidal cleaner and disinfectant to our product range. Proven to kill and contain superbugs such as Norovirus and C diff, it helps prevent pathogen dissemination in hospitals.

    We have since expanded our range to include more cleaning and containment products.

    Find out more about Virusolve+

  • 2016

    Surgical Instruments

    Most recently, Cairn has become a UK distributor for surgical instrument brand, Stille. Coming with a 30-year warranty, Stille products are handcrafted through 70 stages using high quality steel.

    If Stille don’t have what our clients need, then we will identify and source the instrument from other brands.

    See our range of surgical instruments.

  • 2020

    Air Purifiers

    With growing concern over the poor air quality in hospitals located near busy traffic areas, we decided to partner with air purification specialist, Blueair, to supply their air purifiers to hospitals.

    Explore our Blueair air purifier range.