Hospital Monitoring and Testing Services

Hospital Monitoring and Testing Services

Cairn Technology is the market leader in workplace exposure monitoring and testing in the hospital environment.

Providing a safe working environment for your team is essential in areas which carry a risk of exposure to potentially harmful substances. Cairn Technology is responsible for the on-going monitoring of staff exposure levels in hundreds of UK hospitals.

Regular workplace exposure monitoring is a key requirement of the Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations which govern organisations which use hazardous substances.

Various areas within the hospital require different types of monitoring. We can advise on the best approach to ensure that your staff are protected and you meet your health and safety obligations.

See how we can help in your department.

How can we help?

Find out how we can help in your department.

COSHH Air Monitoring

In Operating Theatres, Endoscopy, Maternity, Histopathology Labs and Radiology Departments.

Dust Monitoring

Inhalable/respirable dust monitoring for Fracture Clinic Plaster Rooms and Orthotics Labs.

Bespoke Monitoring

For monitoring of less usual chemicals such as cobalt,
sodium, ethyl chloride and lead.

Sterile Services Cleanroom Testing

Testing of hospital Sterile Services Cleanrooms to the ISO Class 8 Cleanroom standard.
The NHs Carbon Footprint - ways absorbent mats can help

Specialised Ventilation Testing for Healthcare HTM 03-01

Commissioning, verification and preventative maintenance for critical systems.

Cairn Technology Spill Kit Training

Tailored training for healthcare
staff dealing with chemical or
cytotoxic spills.