Cairn Technology's directors celebrate 25 years as a supplier to the NHS and private hospitals.

Cairn Technology celebrates 25 years supporting UK hospitals

Cairn Technology is celebrating its 25th anniversary supplying services and products to NHS Trusts and private hospitals.

Established in 1999 by two chemistry PhD graduates, Dr. Peter Binns and Dr. Mark Fields, the business initially acted as an environmental consultancy specialising in the continuous monitoring of emissions to atmosphere.

However, it wasn’t long before the directors realised that this emissions monitoring technique was ideal for use within the hospital sector.

Working in partnership with the local NHS Trust, they developed a range of workplace monitoring solutions specially tailored to hospital theatres, anaesthetic rooms, endoscope cleaning rooms and other relevant areas.

These services help hospitals to ensure that they comply with important inspection and maintenance requirements under COSHH, (HTM) 03-01 and other standards.

By working in conjunction with another NHS Trust in 2000, they also developed a chemical spill station that is now used by many hospitals across the UK. Biohazard, cytotoxic and laboratory spill kits have also been added to the range, as well as chemical spill training for hospital staff.

In 2003, the company also moved into fluid management for hospital theatres with the developments of its T-Mat. This superabsorbent floor mat absorbs up to 8.5 litres of fluid and turns it to gel to allow for quick and easy, non-drip disposal in clinical waste.

As time passed, Cairn Technology continued to expand its mat range to include non-slip, hybrid and sterile mats, as well as infection control products, Stille handcrafted surgical instruments and Blueair HealthProtectTM air purifiers.

Sharon Evans, Product Sales and Marketing Manager at Cairn Technology says: “The company has always remained true to its watchwords of ‘Partnership, Innovation and Excellence’. It is very important to us to develop strong relationships with our customers, many of whom have invested in our products and services for over two decades.”

“Going forward, we recognise that a vital part of how we support our customers is by helping them to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve Net Zero.

“Some of our products already help to address this, such as our absorbent mats that help minimise waste and include FSC-certified sourced material, and our Stille surgical instruments that can be reused for 30 years plus.

“In addition, we are developing a company-wide Carbon Reduction Plan that demonstrates our wider commitment to supporting a healthy environment, with the aim of becoming a carbon negative company by 2025”.