Supplying Medical Products and Services to the NHS for 20 Years

Cairn Technology is an approved NHS supplier, and we have extensive experience of supporting NHS trusts with high-quality products and services. We’ve spent decades helping NHS hospitals and other healthcare settings maintain safe, efficient, and healthy environments for staff and patients.

Trusted and Approved Suppliers of Medical Products to NHS Hospitals

As an approved NHS supplier, we pride ourselves in delivering the gold-standard of products and solutions for UK hospitals and healthcare settings.

Our range of medical and healthcare supplies includes:

  • Surgical InstrumentsWe are committed to giving NHS surgeons the best possible tools for the job, so they can achieve optimal outcomes with minimal fatigue. Precision engineered by Swedish manufacturer, Stille, our surgical instrument offering is one of the most comprehensive on the UK market. Stille instruments are ideal for cardiothoracic, cardiovascular, plastic, neuro and orthopaedic surgery.
  • Chemical Spill KitsTo meet your COSHH obligations, you need to ensure you have effective chemical spill management measures in place to reduce exposure in the result of spillages. Our chemical spill kits were developed in conjunction with a leading NHS Trust, Not only can we provide you with advanced chemical spill kits, including cytotoxic drug spill stations, we can also give your staff specialist chemical spill kit training.
  • Fluid ManagementOur DryMax absorbent mats and T Mats are unbeatable at catching fluids during procedures, helping your staff stay clean, dry and comfortable while significantly reducing turnaround time between procedures. In this way, our solutions can help you improve your operational efficiency.
  • Infection Control ProductsWe also stock a complete range of hospital cleaning and containment products to help in your ongoing battle against infection. This includes a selection of Virusolve+ products, an advanced sporicidal disinfectant and cleaning agent ideal from use in wards, laboratories, and operating theatres.

NHS Hospitals Air Purification Services

Our Blueair air purifiers are specifically designed for use in hospitals and healthcare settings. Efficient, unobtrusive and totally reliable, they’re an integral part of any NHS trust’s infection prevention and control strategy.

Using advanced HEPASilent technology, they can capture and kill 99% of viruses and bacteria in the air, along with 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 microns. This includes all of the most common air pollutants found in hospitals, including particulate matter, fine dust particles, microplastics, dust, smoke, and VOCs.

Many NHS hospitals are located in areas with dangerously high levels of air pollution. Our air purifiers can minimise the health risks posed by traffic pollution in your wards and waiting rooms.

A single Blueair purifier can achieve complete air filtration in a large room in as little as 12.5 minutes, totally removing nearly all of the hazardous pollutants from the atmosphere. The GermShield™ technology proactively monitors the room for viruses and bacteria, even when the device is on standby. And unique SpiralAir™ outlets deliver clean and healthy air to every corner of the room.

NHS Hospital Air Monitoring

With our hospital air monitoring service, we can help you ensure you meet your Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) obligations wherever your staff are exposed to hazardous substances.

We can work closely yet unobtrusively with:

  • Operating theatre departments
  • Endoscopy suites and endoscopy decontamination units
  • Pathology laboratories
  • Maternity departments
  • Radiology departments
  • Fracture clinics

Our air monitoring support can test staff and patient exposure levels to a range of hazardous substances including Entonox, Sevoflurane, Isoflurane, formaldehyde, inhalable and respirable dust, traffic pollution, VOCs, and more.

We use both continuous monitoring and personal sampling techniques to give you a complete picture of your hospital’s air quality. We will show you how the air quality varies in different departments and at different times over the period of monitoring.

Using our findings, we’ll compile a comprehensive report that includes detailed discussions and actionable recommendations for your whole hospital.

Find Out Why Cairn Technology is a Trusted Supplier to the NHS

At Cairn Technology, we’ve spent decades proudly helping NHS hospitals deliver safe, efficient, and healthy environments for staff and patients.

Whether you want to discuss an air purification strategy or consultation, or you’re interested in procuring high quality medical and healthcare supplies, talk to an expert and get a free quote today.

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