Surgical Instruments for Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery

Surgical Instruments for Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery

Are you looking for surgical instruments for plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery? Then why not ask to see our Stille instruments that are warrantied for 30 years?

Handcrafted through 70 steps, they deliver optimum balance, precision and durability, so it’s no wonder they are used by some of the leading plastic surgeons in the UK.

Whether you are a consultant plastic surgeon specialising in reconstructive or aesthetic surgery, we are happy to show you our Stille instruments or loan them for trial where available.

Surgical Instruments

Read on to see what sort of instruments we can provide for plastic surgery:


  • Mayo Dissecting Scissors – Baby Mayo Stille Dissecting Scissors; Mayo Stille Dissecting Scissors and SuperCut model; Mayo Noble Stille Dissecting Scissors; Original Stille Mayo Dissecting Scissors; Ragnell Stille SuperCut Ergonomic Dissecting Scissors; Stille-Mayo SuperCut Dissecting Scissors
  • Metzenbaum Dissecting Scissors – Metzenbaum Stille Dissecting Scissors; Metzenbaum Stille Delicate Dissecting  Scissors; Metzenbaum Stille SuperCut Dissecting Scissors; Metzenbaum Stille Delicate SuperCut Dissecting Scissors; Metzenbaum Stille Delicate Diamond SuperCut Dissecting Scissors; Metzenbaum Stille Delicate SuperCut XE Dissecting Scissors; Metzenbaum Stille SuperCut Ergonomic Dissecting Scissors; Baby Metzenbaum Stille Dissecting Scissors including Diamond SuperCut model and SuperCut Ergonomic model; Stille-Ekberg Metzenbaum Delicate Diamond SuperCut Ergonomic Dissecting Scissors; Stille-Ekberg Metzenbaum Delicate SuperCut Ergonomic Dissecting Scissors
  • Ragnell Dissecting Scissors – Ragnell Stille Dissecting Scissors and SuperCut Dissecting Scissors; Stille-Ekberg Ragnell Diamond SuperCut Ergonomic Dissecting Scissors; Stille-Ekberg Ragnell SuperCut Ergonomic Dissecting Scissors;  Ragnell Stille Diamond SuperCut Dissecting Scissors; SIMS Stille Dissecting Scissors.
  • Other Dissecting Scissors – Jabaley Stille Dissecting Scissors, SuperCut model and Ergonomic SuperCut model; Kaye Stille Dissecting Scissors and SuperCut model; Stille Dissecting Scissors; Thorek Stille Dissecting Scissors.
  • Facelift Scissors – Aston Stille SuperCut Facelift Scissors; Gorney Stille SuperCut Facelift Scissors and Ergonomic Facelift model; Matarasso Stille SuperCut Facelift Scissors and Ergonomic model; Matarasso Stille SuperCut Facelift Scissors and Ergonomic model; Rees-Stille SuperCut Facelift Scissors.
  • Breast Surgery Scissors – Ragnell Stille Mammary Plastic Operating Scissors for breast surgery.
  • Eye Scissors for Plastic Surgery – Dandy Stille SuperCut Facelift Scissors; Ragnell Stille SuperCut Ergonomic Blepharoplasty Scissors; Ragnell; Stille Eye Scissors 9.5cm or 10cm; Stille SuperCut Eye Scissors; Stille SuperCut XE Eye Scissors; Stille SuperCut Blepharoplasty Scissors; Stille SuperCut Ergonomic Blepharoplasty Scissors.
  • Scissors for Nose Surgery – Fomon Stille Nasal Scissors; Joseph Stille SuperCut Nasal Scissors; Peck-Joseph Stille Nasal Scissors, Stille Cottle SuperCut Nasal Scissors; Stille Fomon SuperCut Nasal Scissors; Stille SuperCut Nasal Scissors.
  • Tenotomy Scissors – Stevens-Stille Diamond SuperCut Ergonomic Tenotomy Scissors; Stevens-Stille Diamond SuperCut Tenotomy Scissors; Stevens-Stille SuperCut Ergonomic Tenotomy Scissors; Stevens-Stille SuperCut Tenotomy Scissors, Stevens-Stille Tenotomy Scissors; Stille-Ekberg Stevens Ergonomic SuperCut Tenotomy Scissors.
  • Vascular Scissors – Stille SuperCut Vascular Scissors; Stille SuperCut Extra Fine Vascular Scissors.
  • Micro Scissors – Stille SuperCut Micro Scissors; Stille SuperCut Fine Micro Vascular Scissors; Stille SuperCut Micro Vascular Scissors.
  • Operating Scissors – Stille Cooper Operating Scissors, Mayo-Harrington Stille Operating Scissors; Stille Cooper Operating Scissors.
  • Other Scissors for Plastic Surgery – König Stille Nail Splitting Scissors.
  • Artery Forceps – Christophe Stille Artery Forceps; Crafoord Stille Artery Forceps; Crile Stille Artery Forceps with or without teeth; ; Dandy Stille Artery Forceps; Halsted-Mosquito Stille Artery Forceps with or without teeth and Delicate model; Heiss Stille Artery Forceps; Kelly Stille Artery Forceps; Kelly-Rankin Stille Artery Forceps; Kocher Stille Artery Forceps; Leriche Stille Artery Forceps; OliveCrona-Stille Artery Forceps; Pean Stille Artery Forceps; Rochester-Ochsner Stille Artery Forceps; Rochester-Ochsner Stille Delicate Artery Forceps; Rochester-Péan Stille Artery Forceps; Rochester-Péan Stille Delicate Artery Forceps.
  • Bone Forceps – Semb Stille Bone Holding Forceps; Stille Bone Cutting Forceps Angled, Curved or Straight.
  • Dissecting Forceps – Overholt-Stille Dissecting Forceps.
  • Dressing Forceps – Crafoord Stille Dressing Forceps; McIndoe Stille Dressing Forceps; Waugh-Brophy Stille Dressing Forceps; Waugh-Brophy Stille Insulated Dressing Forceps; Stille Rounded Points Dressing Forceps; Stille Square Points Dressing Forceps.
  • Grasping Forceps – Babcock Stille Intestinal Grasping Forceps; Duval Stille Intestinal Grasping Forceps.
  • Micro Forceps – Stille Diamond Jaws Counterbalanced Micro Forceps; Stille Diamond Jaws Micro Forceps; Stille Micro Debakey Counterbalanced Forceps; Stille Micro Debakey Forceps; Stille Micro Forceps; Stille Micro Ring Forceps; Stille Micro Tissue Forceps; Stille Titanium Counterbalanced Micro Forceps; Stille Titanium Micro DeBakey Forceps; Stille Titanium Forceps; Stille Titanium Micro Ring Forceps.
  • Sponge Holding Forceps – Foerster-Stille Sponge Holding Forceps; Maier-Stille Sponge Holding Forceps.
  • Tissue Forceps – Gillies Stille Tissue Forceps; Stille 1×2 Teeth Tissue Forceps; Stille 2×3 Teeth Tissue Forceps; Stille Delicate Tissue Forceps; Stille Fine Tissue Forceps; Waugh-Brophy Stille Insulated Tissue Forceps; Waugh-Brophy Stille Tissue Forceps.
  • Vascular Forceps – Stille DeBakey Angled Vascular Forceps; Stille DeBakey Crafoord Style Vascular Forceps; Stille DeBakey Vascular Forceps.
  • Other Forceps for Plastic Surgery – Olivecrona-Stille Dura Forceps; Schroeder Stille Tenaculum Forceps; Rapp-Stille Knot Holding Forceps; Stille Wire Holding Forceps; Stille Wire Twisting Forceps; Stille-Norell IUD Forceps; Stille Iris Forceps.
  • Needle Holders for Plastic Surgery – Derf Stille Needle Holder; Converse Stille Needle Holder; Crile-Wood Stille Needle Holder and Delicate Needle Holder; Gillies Needle Holder; Halsey Stille Needle Holder; Kaye Stille Needle Holder; Kilner Stille Needle Holder; Mattieu-Stille Needle Holder; Mayo-Hegar Stille Needler Holder and Heavy Model; Frimand-Stille Duo Grip Needle Holder; New Orleans Style Needle Holder; Olsen-Hegar Stille Needle Holder.
  • Micro Needle Holders – Stille Micro Needle Holder Heavy Model; Stille Micro Needle Holder Regular Box Lock with Ratchet; Stille Micro Needle Holder Regular Box Lock Without Ratchet; Stille Micro Needleholder Streamline Box Lock with Ratchet; Stille Micro Needleholder Streamline Box Lock without Ratchet.
  • Stille Needle Holders – Stille Needle Holder; Stille TC Needle Holder; Stille Titanium Micro Needle Holder Regular Box Lock; Stille Titanium Micro Needle Holder Streamline Box Lock; Webster Stille Extra Delicate Needle Holder; Webster Stille Needle Holder; Webster/Kleinert Stille Needle Holder.
  • Retractors – Deaver Stille Retractor; Desmarres Stille Eyelid Retractor; Doyen Stille Abdominal Retractor; Aufricht Stille Nasal Retractor; Ragnell Stille Retractor; Senn Stille Retractor; Alm Stille Retractor; Langenbeck Stille Retractor; Love Stille Nerve Retractor; Moberg Stille Retractor; Stille Breast Retractor; Stille Retractor; Strandell Stille Retractor; Volkmann Stille Retractor; Weitlaner Stille Retractor; Finochietto-Stille Rib Spreader.
  • Skin Hooks – Gillies Stille Skin Hook – available with long flat 19cm shaft and either a small or large hook; Halsted Mosquito Stille Artery Forceps – curved or straight, with or without teeth, delicate hemostat also available; Kleinert-Kutz Stille Skin Hook; Joseph Stille Skin Hook; Gillies Stille Skin Hook; Kleinert-Kutz Stille Skin Hook.
  • Raspatories – Cottle Stille Raspatory; Cobb Stille Raspatory; Howarth Stille Nasal Raspatory; Joseph Stille Raspatory; Lambotte Stille Raspatory; Fomon Stille Rasp; Olivecrona-Stille Raspatory; Perman Stille Abdominal Retractor; Wiberg Stille Raspatory; Stille Nasal Raspatory; Ragnell Stille Raspatory.
  • Clamps – Ericsson-Stille Carotid Clamp; Ericsson-Stille Profunda Femoral Artery Clamp; Backhaus Stille Towel Clamp; Lambert Kay Stille Aortic Anastomosis Clamp; Stille Anastomosis Clamp; Stille Artery and Ligature Clamp; Stille Colon Clamp; Stille DeBakey Aortic Aneurysm Clamp; Stille Delicate Multi-Purpose Clamp; Stille Mini Multipurpose Clamp; Stille Mini Spoon-Shaped Multi-Purpose Clamp; Stille Mini Tangential Occlusion Clamp; Stille Multipurpose Clamp; Stille Peripheral Vascular Clamp; Stille-Ehrén Ligature Clamp; Uppsala-Stille Gall Duct Clamp; Wikström Stille Gall Duct Clamp.
  • Elevators – Cottle Stille Septum Elevator, Fomon Stille Elevator, Hohmann Stille Elevator, Langenbeck Stille Elevator; Mini Hohmann Stille Elevator; Stille Elevator; Stille Nasal Elevator; Stolte Stille Tonsil Elevator.
  • Osteotomes – Cottle Stille Osteotome; Lambotte Stille Curved Osteotome; Lambotte Stille Straight Osteotome and Mini model; Lexer Stille Osteotome; Leskell-Stille Bone Rongeur and Strongly Curved model; Neivert Stille Osteotome; Original Stille Delicate Osteotome; Stille Original Osteotome plus large version; Stille Hand Osteotome; Stille Osteotome.
  • Awls, Chisels, Currettes and Gouges – Original Stille Chisel; Original Stille Gouge; Original Stille Gouge Long; Récamier Stille Uterine Curette; Stille Bone Curette; Stille Bone Curette Long Model; Stille Awl
  • Rongeurs for Plastic Surgery – Luer-Stille Bone Rongeur; Stille Bone Rongeur; Stille Parallel Jaws Bone Rongeur; Stille Short Bone Rongeur; Zaufal-Jansen Stille Bone Rongeur
  • Various Other Instruments for Plastic Surgery – Cottle Stille Nasal Speculum; Vienna Stille Nasal Speculum; Kocher Stille Abdominal Spatula; Oretorp-Stille Probe; Palmer-Stille Bone Nail; Stille Barron Scalpel Handle; Stille Bone Wire; Stille Castroviejo Caliper; Stille Jameson Caliper; Stille Cleaning Brush; Stille Dissector; Stille Double-Action Joint Wire Cutter; Stille Extra Strong Double-Action Joint Wire Cutter; Stille Extraction Pliers; Stille Flat Pliers; Stille Gigli Wire Saw; Stille Hemostop; Stille Instrument Oil; Stille Instrument Tray; Stille Kirschner Wire; Stille Mayo Safety Pin; Stille Nerve Hook; Stille Plaster Cast Remover; Stille Plastic Head Mallet; Stille Probe; Stille Round Scalpel Handle; Stille Scalpel Handle; Stille Ruler; Stille Single-Action Joint Wire Cutter; Stille Stainless Steel Mallet; Stille Teflon Insert Mallet; Stille Universal Wire Cutting Scissors; Stille Uterine Manipulator; Stille Uterine Sound; Wiberg Stille Fracture Staple.

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