Orthopaedic Instruments

Orthopaedic Instruments

Are you looking for surgical instruments for orthopaedic surgery? Then why not ask to see our Stille instruments that are warrantied for 30 years?

Handcrafted through 70 steps, they deliver optimum balance, precision and durability, so it’s no wonder they are used by some of the leading orthopaedic and trauma surgeons in the UK.

Whether you are a consultant orthopaedic surgeon specialising in hand, foot, spinal, joint replacement, trauma, or other orthopaedic procedures, we are happy to show you our Stille instruments or loan them for trial where available.

Surgical Instruments

Read on to see what types of surgical instruments we can provide for orthopaedic surgery:

  • Awls – Stille Awl
  • Bone Curettes – Stille Bone Currette; Stille Bone Currette Long Model
  • Bone Cutting Forceps – Stille Bone Cutting Forceps – angled, curved or straight
  • Bone Rongeurs – Beyer Stille Bone Rongeur; Beyer Stille Single-Action Joint Bone Rongeur; Leksell-Stille Bone Rongeur; Leksell-Stille Strongly Curved Bone Rongeur; Ruskin-Stille Bone Rongeur; Stlle Bone Rongeur; Stille Parallel Jaws Bone Rongeur; Stille Short Bone Rongeur; Zaufal-Jansen Stille Bone Rongeur
  • Chisels – Original Stille Chisel
  • Dissector – Stille Double-Ended Dissector
  • Elevators – Freer Stille Double-Ended Elevator; Hohmann Stille Elevator; Langenbeck Stille Elevator; Mini-Hohmann Stille Elevator; Stille Elevator
  • Gouge – Original Stille Gouge: Original Stille Gouge Long
  • Laminectomy Punches – Kerrison Stille Laminectomy Punch
  • Mallets – Stille Plastic Head Mallet; Stille Stainless Steel Mallet; Stille Teflon Insert Mallet
  • Osteotomes – Lambotte Stille Osteotome – curved or straight; Lambotte Stille Straight Mini Osteotome; Lexer Stille Osteotome; Stille Original Osteotome – also available in large and delicate models; Stille Hand Osteotome; Stille Osteotome
  • Pliers – Stille Extraction Pliers; Stille Flat Pliers
  • Raspatories – Cobb Stille Raspatory; Lambotte Stille Raspatory; Olivecrona Stille Raspatory; Ragnell Stille Raspatory; Wiberg Stille Raspatory
  • Retractors – Volkmann Stille Retractor
  • Wire Cutters – Stille Single-Action Joint Wire Cutter; Stille Double-Action Joint Wire Cutter: Stille Extra Strong Double-Action Joint Wire Cutter
  • Various – Scissors, forceps, needle holders, clamps, etc as required for various orthopaedic, joint replacement and trauma surgery

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