Titanium micro instruments benefits

Titanium micro instruments offer several clear benefits for the surgeon over standard stainless steel models.

For this reason, Swedish surgical instrument manufacturer, Stille, has introduced a range of titanium micro forceps and needle holders.

Designed for surgeons specialising in plastic, ENT, reconstructive or replantation surgery, they offer the following benefits:

·         They are lighter than stainless steel micro instruments, helping to reduce fatigue during lengthy procedures

·         They are made from the finest U.S. origin alloy, giving you better durability and fracture toughness than lower grade titanium instruments

·         As titanium is a non-magnetic metal, the instruments minimise frustration caused by magnetized needles

·         With the exception of the DeBakey models, the forceps and needle holders have Diamond Jaws for improved durability and proper gripping of fine sutures

·         They are very resistant to corrosion, meaning they can maintain their performance and integrity for longer

With a range of 17 titanium micro forceps and 21 titanium micro needle holders, the surgeon has a wide selection of straight and curved models to choose from.

These include micro forceps with a variety of features including tying platform, counter-balanced design, fine ring tips and 1.2mm fine atraumatic DeBakey tips.

The micro needle holder range includes models with fine 0.8mm Diamond Jaws, a regular box lock for sutures 7-0 and smaller, and optional ratchet. There is also a range with 1.2mm Diamond Jaws, a streamlined box lock for sutures 5-0 and smaller, and optional ratchet.


The above features offer clear benefits for helping surgeons during delicate and complex procedures.

What’s more, they also provide an excellent long-term investment, where the procurement department needs to be reassured that any upfront cost can be justified by instrument longevity.

If you would like to handle our Stille titanium micro instruments to see how they feel, please contact our surgical instrument sales team on 0845 226 0185. They will be happy to visit you and show you our range.

If you prefer, they can also show you our range of Stainless stainless steel micro instruments.