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Cairn offers hospitals breath of fresh air at the Infection Prevention and Control Conference 2022

State-of-the-art air purification technology will be taking centre stage on the Cairn Technology stand at the Infection, Prevention and Control Conference 2022. Using patent-pending filtration technology, the Blueair HealthProtect™ 7740i Air Purifier provides complete filtration of hospital rooms of up to 62 m² at the industry recommended rate of 4.8x an hour. The purifier combines […]

Absorbent mats for urology theatres and wards

Whether you want to absorb blood, urine or irrigation fluid during urology procedures, using a high-performance absorbent mat can avoid a lot of mess and mopping up. Of course, there are suction devices that can remove liquids from floors, but these can often be noisy and pose a trip hazard, neither of which can be […]

Rising concerns over air pollution in city hospitals

If you are concerned about unsafe pollutions levels in your hospital then you are not alone. A recent study by Kings College London and the UK Health Alliance on climate change found that 60% of hospitals and NHS facilities in inner London are in areas that exceed air pollution limits. What’s more, the environmental campaigning […]

8 useful tips for surgical instrument care

High quality surgical instruments can be an amazing investment. Offering exceptional performance and durability, some studies have shown such instruments can last for well over 30 years.(1) However, even the finest surgical instruments will only last if they are carefully handled, properly maintained and professionally serviced. Follow these 10 tips to help ensure your instruments […]

Choosing absorbent mats for your labour ward

From amniotic fluid release to mild blood loss and intrapartum haemorrhage, there can be a host of reasons for having a high performance absorbent mat to hand in labour wards or obstetrics theatres. Of course, there are suction devices out there that can remove fluids from floors, but these can often be noisy and pose […]

Poor quality instruments put patients at risk

Fears that contaminated surgical instruments are causing unnecessary illness and deaths because of the risk of infection continue to hit the headlines. From Alzheimer’s proteins to HIV, Hepatitis B or C and many more dangerous diseases, there seems to be a steady stream of stories about how patients’ health has been put at risk. What […]