Rising concerns over air pollution in city hospitals

If you are concerned about unsafe pollutions levels in your hospital then you are not alone. A recent study by Kings College London and the UK Health Alliance on climate change found that 60% of hospitals and NHS facilities in inner London are in areas that exceed air pollution limits.

What’s more, the environmental campaigning network UK100 has found that more that 17% of hospitals across the UK have unsafe levels of toxic particles in the air.(1)

The issue has become so serious that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is working with ten hospitals in the most polluted areas of London to install air quality monitors that will measure levels of toxic air to help protect patients and staff.(2)

Whilst this initiative forms part of Sadiq Khan’s Breathe London project to help improve air quality in the capital, it is clear that hospitals in toxic hotspots across the UK also need to take action.

How we can help you


If you are looking for a way to remove pollutants trapped inside your hospital, we offer a range of Blueair air purification systems to filter the air in a variety of room sizes, from offices to waiting rooms and wards.

The range includes purifiers that can deliver 99.97% filtration efficiency, all the way down to particulate of .01 micron, not only capturing hazardous smaller particles like viruses and bacteria but also pollutants from car fumes and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

To see our range of air purifiers for hospitals click here.

Helping you to create a Clean Air Hospital

With low noise, low energy consumption and high filtration efficiency, Blueair’s air purifiers can play an important part in the creation of your clean air hospital, as laid out in the Clean Air Hospital Framework.(4)

Developed in partnership by Global Action Plan and Great Ormond Street Hospital, this framework defines a ‘Clean Air Hospital’ as one that: “Improves air quality outside and inside the hospital by minimising sources of air pollution under its control” and that develops “a clean air action plan to improve air quality.”

If you are interested in discussing how Blueair air purifiers can improve air quality in your hospital, please contact our Air Purification Team on 0845 226 0185.

Why choose Cairn Technology?

Cairn Technology Ltd has spent two decades helping hospitals across the UK to monitor and improve indoor air quality in operating theatres, anaesthetic rooms and other areas.

Until recently the majority of this work has focused on workplace monitoring of hazardous substances to ensure that they do not exceed COSHH workplace exposure limits and help hospitals take effective action where they do.

In addition, we carry out sterile services cleanroom testing, bioburden testing, and the commissioning of hospital ventilation systems.

With growing concern over the impact of air pollution in hospitals, particularly in high traffic areas, it has become a natural progression for us to also start to help hospitals to tackle this problem and create a healthier environment for patients as well as staff.


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