Cairn Technology at ASGBI Congress 2023 – The Changing Face of Surgery

The Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (ASGBI) Congress 2023 takes place 17 – 19 May 2023 at Harrogate International Centre.

Cairn Technology will be exhibiting at the event on Stand No. 31.

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The Changing Face of Surgery – See It, Be It

The 2023 Congress will feature speakers from The Royal Colleges of Surgery and the President of the Royal College of Physicians. There’s also a prize-giving ceremony, where they will award the Moynihan prize, the BJS prize and the ASGBI Gold Medal to outstanding trainees.

The theme of the 2023 Congress is “the changing face of surgery”, and the presentations are intended to reflect the breadth and diversity of the ASGBI membership.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Value-based surgery.
  • NHS life – a physician’s perspective.
  • Robotics in surgery.
  • SAS & LED – Life Beyond CESR.
  • Accelerating equality for all – inclusion and diversity at work.

You can view the ASGBI Congress 2023 provisional programme in full.

Cairn Technology at ASGBI Congress 2023

The Congress 2023 also provides an opportunity to network, and a chance for manufacturers to demonstrate the latest innovations in surgical equipment and technique.

Cairn Technology will be there, exhibiting on Stand No. 31.

Here’s a short preview of what we’ll be bringing to the Congress.

Stille Surgical Instruments

No matter how the world of surgery will evolve in the coming years, one thing will always be true: Positive surgical outcomes begin with quality surgical instruments.

At ASGBI Congress 2023 we’ll be exhibiting the Stille range of precision-engineered surgical instruments. Each of these instruments is individually handcrafted through over 70 individual steps to give the world’s surgical elite a lifetime of perfection.

Warrantied for 30 years of use, the range includes the original SuperCut scissors, providing precision cutting to the very tip, as well as an exceptional range of stainless steel and titanium micro-instruments. From orthopaedic and cardiothoracic surgery, to plastic and ENT surgery, these exceptional instruments provide precision, durability and balance for optimum handling and performance.

Learn more about the Stille range of surgical instruments.

Absorbent Mats for Hospitals

Our ultra-efficient absorbent mats are perfect for most applications, whether that’s capturing fluids during surgical procedures or containing splashes during cleaning processes.

At the ASGBI Congress 2023 we’ll be exhibiting the T-Mat, which is available exclusively from Cairn Technology. It’s capable of absorbing up to 8.5 litres of water or 3.5 litres of saline. It gels liquids within minutes, becoming dry to the touch. And because the fluid’s bound hygienically, it makes for easy non-drip disposal in clinical waste.

A cleaner surgical environment reduces the risk of cross-infection while avoiding spills that could lead to slips and falls. And as it makes for faster and more effective cleaning, the T-Mat can also serve to reduce your turnaround time between procedures. So come and talk to us at ASGBI Congress 2023, and we’ll demonstrate how a simple absorbent mat can make a huge difference to your cleanliness, efficiency, and infection control.

Talk to Cairn Technology at ASGBI Congress 2023

Stop by for a chat at Stand No. 31 at ASGBI Congress 2023 on  17 – 19 May 2023 at Harrogate International Centre.

But if you can’t wait until then to talk to us, or if there’s anything you want to discuss in advance of the Congress, you can get in touch with our friendly team of expert consultants today.

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