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Ambulance Cleaning and Decontamination Checklist

Regularly and thoroughly cleaning and decontaminating ambulances is essential for effective infection prevention and control. Ambulance Cleaning and Decontamination Challenges But there are several factors that make ambulance cleaning and decontamination challenging. It can be cramped inside an ambulance, and the sheer amount of equipment contained within can make quick cleans particularly difficult. Plus, ambulances […]

The Patient Safety and Infection Prevention Show 2023

The Patient Safety and Infection Prevention Show will run at the Healthcare Show taking place 26-27 April 2023 at ExCel London. This is a two-day dedicated conference supporting doctors, nurses, infection prevention and control professionals, and any other healthcare professionals interested in the latest solutions for preventing infections and improving care quality standards. What To […]

What’s The Difference Between Electrosurgery and Electrocautery?

Electrosurgery and electrocautery seem like broadly similar processes, as both involve making use of electrical currents in surgical procedures, and both involve cauterising wounds to limit blood loss. But despite their similar names, the two processes are actually highly distinct, and each is used to achieve a specific outcome in a surgical setting. So in […]

Key Responsibilities for Operating Theatre Managers

Operating theatre managers are responsible for ensuring the successful running of the operating theatre environment. But what does this actually involve? What does an operating theatre manager actually do? In this post we’ll discuss some of the key responsibilities for operating theatre managers, while exploring ways managers can improve efficiency and care standards in their […]

What is PM10 in Air Quality?

Particulate matter (PM) is a class of air pollution covering everything in the atmosphere that isn’t a gas. This includes a huge range of chemical compounds and materials which air quality experts classify in terms of their particle size. What is PM10? Particulate matter containing particles with a diameter of 10 micrometres or smaller. Examples […]