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Decon UK 2022: Decontamination Conference for Healthcare

Presented by The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust and University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, this is the UK’s first ever specialist healthcare decontamination conference. The event will host more than 100 healthcare professionals from various fields within the decontamination sector. Where and When is Decon UK 2020? Decon 2022 takes place on 6 April at […]

How to Measure Air Quality

When we talk about air quality, we’re talking about how clean or polluted the air we breathe is at any given moment. When we say the air quality is poor, it means there are pollutants in the air. These can be hazardous to breathe, especially if you have a heart or a lung condition. The […]

Types of Surgical Instruments – Names and Instrument Selection

If we classify them according to their function, there are three main types of surgical instruments: Cutting surgical instruments – Such as blades, knives, scissors and scalpels. Grasping surgical instruments – Anything you use to hold something in place, such as forceps. Retracting surgical instruments – For holding incisions open, or for holding organs and […]

How Many Standard Infection Control Precautions Are There?

The Standard Infection Control Precautions (SICPs) are a series of “must do” practices intended to reduce the risk of infection in care settings. There are 10 standard infection control precautions. SICPS are for every patient, for every care setting, and for every time. And all members of staff should abide by them. In this post […]