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Different Types of Surgical Forceps

We recently put together a guide to the different types of surgical instruments, and their common applications. In this post we’ll take a closer look at the different types of surgical forceps, which are mainly used to grab and manipulate tissue during procedures. Please note that different hospitals and surgical teams might use slightly different […]

How To Manage an Outbreak of C. difficile

Clostridium Difficile Infections (CDIs) are among the most common hospital acquired infections. In this post we’ll discuss what C. difficile is and how it spreads. We’ll then explore how robust cleaning protocols and procedures can help you manage a C. diff outbreak. What is C. difficile? Clostridium difficile is a type of bacteria which usually […]

Dental Decontamination & Infection Control Checklist

Just like any other healthcare setting, dental surgeries need to adopt numerous infection prevention and control measures. Key to this is understanding the key sources of infection, and the means by which infections might spread. Key Sources of Infection in Dental Practices Communicable diseases usually spread via direct contact with a person carrying the infection. […]

Environmental Decontamination: Stages & When to Implement

In a healthcare setting, “environmental decontamination” refers to the process of thoroughly cleaning surfaces as part of effective infection prevention and control. In this post we’ll discuss the various stages of environmental decontamination in hospitals and healthcare settings and explain when these should be implemented. The Role of Environmental Decontamination in Infection Prevention and Control […]

How Does Infection Spread in a Hospital?

In this post we’ll discuss how infections spread in hospitals and explore some ways you can prevent and control infections in your hospital. Ways Infections Spread in Hospitals Most hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) spread in one of two ways: As a result of treatment. From person-to-person, or via another communicable disease vector (pathogens on a surface, […]

How To Manage an Outbreak of Infection in a Care Home

Any outbreak of infection in a care home must be considered a high-priority issue. Infections can easily spread in any location where people share facilities, and care home residents are high-risk groups: If they develop an infection, they’re more likely to experience severe symptoms. What is an Outbreak? The NHS defines an infectious disease outbreak […]

The Most Common Hospital Acquired Infections

In this post we’ll discuss some of the most common hospital acquired infections and explore the impact they can have on patient outcomes. What is a Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI or HCAI)? Healthcare associated infections (HAI, or HCAI) are infections staff and patients contract through spending time in healthcare settings such as GP surgeries, care […]