The Importance of Fluid Management in Burns Patients

Severe fluid loss following injuries is a major issue for burns patients – particularly if their injuries are substantial. Most treatments for burns involve fluid resuscitation procedures – which is one reason why effective fluid management is central to the treatment of burns patients.

Why Fluid Management Matters for Burns Patients

Good fluid management in burns patient is vital for three reasons:

  • The fluid management of major burns has a huge impact on the patient’s survival and recovery.
  • Excess or spilled fluids can cause a slipping hazard, as well as an infection risk.
  • The need to clean excessive fluids can increase the turnaround times between procedures, affecting the overall efficiency of the operating theatre.

Fluid Management Techniques for Burns Injuries

Fluid management procedures for major burn injuries are designed to maintain tissue perfusion while replacing intravascular fluid loss in order to prevent organ hypoperfusion and ischaemia. The nature of the procedure will depend on the extent and location of the patient’s injuries, as well as their age. Children and elderly patients may need more intensive treatment, for example.

Depending on the patient’s circumstances, fluid management will either be achieved via an intravascular procedure, or through enteral resuscitation with balanced salt solutions.

Practitioners use a variety of formulae when calculating the volume of resuscitation fluid to use when treating burns patients. These formulae take into account both the patient’s bodyweight and their burn surface area, though practitioners may use specific formulae when treating child patients to account for their higher surface area to mass ratio.

The resuscitation used in burn fluid management procedures is designed to restore plasma volume while minimising adverse effects, such as the risk of infection. Read our full guide to preventing infections in burns patients.

The Role of Sterile mats in Effective Fluid Management in Burns Patients

Absorbent mats can play a crucial role in effective fluid management in burns patients. They can help keep both staff and the treatment area dry, which means fewer slipping hazards, improved infection control, and a reduced turnaround time between procedures.

Cairn Technology’s  DryMax Sterile Mats can absorb up to 6 litres of water or 2.4 litres of saline. Place the DryMax Sterile Mat next to the burns patient during their fluid management procedure and it’ll effectively help to capture all the various drips and spills created by the procedure.

Then following the procedure, you can simply dispose of the mat in the appropriate waste channel. This will allow for faster and more effective cleaning between procedures. So, as well as making your procedure cleaner and safer, it can also help make your burns unit as a whole run smoother and more efficiently.

Our DryMax Sterile Mats are completely latex-free. You can use them flat, folded or rolled depending on your needs.

Head here to learn more about how our DryMax Sterile Mats can contribute to effective fluid management in burns patients while helping boost your theatre’s overall efficiency.

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