Are Stille SuperCut Scissors Really a Cut Above the Rest?

If you are a surgeon with an eye for excellent surgical instruments, you may have noticed that SuperCut-type scissors are no longer made exclusively by Stille, except when it comes to micro scissors.

This is despite the fact that the Swedish instrument company actually invented and launched the original SuperCut scissors in 1982.

However, despite there now being other makes of SuperCuts on the market, several independent studies have shown that Stille SuperCuts are continuing to outperform other brands. In fact, the findings might surprise you.

So what’s so good about Stille’s SuperCuts?

There are four key areas that set Stille SuperCut scissors above other brands:

1. Unique design for cutting

Designed for cutting all types of soft tissue, Stille’s SuperCut scissors have two cutting surfaces that are sharp to the very tip and work together in a unique way.

That is because one cutting surface is a scissor blade and one is a knife blade. This means that the surgeon can use the scissors to cut with extreme precision, relying on an instrument that combines maximum cutting power with minimal force to produce the perfect cut.

All other brands of so-called ‘SuperCut’ scissors are made differently from Stille, usually with serrations on one blade that are allegedly designed to grip tissue. However, due to the way that Stille handcrafts its SuperCut scissors, they are actually much sharper than other brands of ‘SuperCut’ scissors.

2. Ergonomic, ambidextrous design

Stille has also put a lot of thought into the design and ergonomics of their SuperCut scissors to create a light but balanced instrument that minimises fatigue and maximises efficiency.

With smooth finger rings, shanks designed for feeling and balance and a strong screw joint for maintaining the correct tension between blades, the scissors provide the surgeon with a smooth fingertip feeling.

The scissors are also flexible for the needs of different surgeons. For example, due to the way in which the scissors are sharpened, they can be used by both left and right-handed surgeons.

What’s more, the scissors have larger finger rings than some other brands, which is useful for surgeons with larger hands or those that use a double glove technique.

3. A removable screw for effective servicing

Another unique feature of Stille’s SuperCut Scissors compared to other brands is that its joint screw can be removed by Stille’s technicians during servicing to inspect for corrosion.

Other SuperCut brands do not have this capability, meaning that both the cleanliness and longevity of these instruments can be compromised.

This was supported by a study(1)that compared two German brands of scissors with Stille scissors. The study found that only Stille’s scissors had a screw that could be removed during servicing; it was also the only scissor with no signs of corrosion under the joint.

What’s more, the removable screw design ensures that the SuperCut scissors can be sharpened back to their original condition by Stille’s expert craftsmen during servicing. This is because large amounts of blade material do not need to be ground away, something that would inevitably change the shape and size of the blades until they are no longer close enough for a good cut.

In addition, by removing the screw during servicing, the surface of the blades can be fully resurfaced, removing any crevices where pockets of dirt may hide.

4. An outstanding 30-year warranty

Unlike other brands, Stille guarantees that their SuperCut scissors will last for 30 years, providing that they are handled and sterilised correctly and that Stille’s own expert craftsmen carry out any servicing.

In fact, Stille offer the first service for free, which is typically required after three years of use, although the surgeon decides when his or her instruments are ready for servicing.

Whilst a 30-year warranty might sound very long, date codes on Stille instruments returned for servicing often show that they have been in regular hospital use for more than 40 years.

This was also shown to be the case in an independent study to test whether Stille hand-crafted surgical scissors really did deliver on the manufacturer warranty of 30 years. In fact, the study found that 74% of the Stille scissors used in a busy surgical centre were actually over 50 years old.(2)

Want to see Stille SuperCut scissors in action?

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(1) Anette Karppinen, ORN, Access to crevices critical for surgical instrument safety. Presented SEORNA, Swedish Operating Nurse Association, Conference Meeting, 29-30 November 2012.

(2) Dahl G, Ölveback T, Wiklung L. Quality surgical instruments best investment. Presented: SEORNA, Swedish Operating Nurse Association Conference Meeting, 29-30 November 2012