Technological excellence in micro instruments

When it comes to selecting micro instruments for your next instrument set, you can rest assured that there are some exceptional products on the market.

In this article, we look at a number of materials and design features that are enabling cutting-edge instrument performance in the field of micro surgery.

Micro scissors innovations making the cut

German Surgical instrument manufacturer, Lawton, has developed a wide range of micro-scissors with flat spring or round spring type handles that incorporate a number of innovative design features.

In addition to stainless steel, they can be made from titanium. This non-magnetic material allows for use during MRI and minimises the inconvenience of magnetised needles during procedures.

Fracture-proof and corrosion resistant, titanium is stronger and more durable that stainless steel, whilst its lightness facilitates precise working without fatigue.

Lawton has also developed a number of stainless steel and Titanium models with a ceramic coating to provide a much harder instrument surface and higher sliding capability.

In addition, some of Lawton’s micro scissors with flat spring handles offer increased sliding capability due to a streamlined design at the joint.

Whilst some of Lawton’s round spring handled models come with a lightweight handle with special cavities to enable fatigue-proof working.

Swedish instrument manufacturer, Stille, has also been expanding its line of micro instruments to include new titanium patterns. Its micro scissors are the only ones on the market with Supercut scissor blades: one knife blade and one scissor blade providing precise cutting to the very tip.

The innovative joint screw design also allows for easy removal for instrument servicing.

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Get a grip of these advances in micro forceps

If you are looking for micro forceps with greater durability than stainless steel and improved gripping of fine sutures, then Stille’s titanium Diamond Jaws models are definitely worth trying out.

Lawton has also enhanced the performance of micro forceps with its PERFECT-GRIP jaws, which are specially coated to ensure a gentle, non-slip grasping of vessels, tissues, needles and sutures.

Some of their round spring typed handled forceps also incorporate a lightweight handle with special cavities to enable fatigue-proof working.

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Micro needle holders to keep an eye on

Again incorporating Diamond Jaws for greater durability and enhanced gripping capability, Stille’s micro needle holders are designed to hold the finest sutures in a tight and secure grip. For heavier models, the use of tungsten carbide inserts allows for an even stronger grip.

Lawton’s range of micro needle holders also incorporates a number of features to optimise performance during surgery. From titanium and ceramic coated instruments giving enhanced durability and improved sliding capability, through to PERFECT-GRIP jaws and a lightweight handle design, Lawton’s range is packed with features to accommodate every micro surgeon’s preferences and needs.

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More information on micro instruments

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